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OB-GYN Personal Statement: Why You Need It?

If you are concerned with women health, OB-GYN is the ultimate career choice. If you are already a medical doctor, you can start your residency in OB-GYN. To secure your residency seat you need to write OBGYN residency personal statement, along with other documents. The personal statement is a compulsory document, to complete your application. This is a very important document, which can play a decisive role in your residency, in the institution of your choice. To become a practicing doctor, you need to complete your medical school first. Then you will get admission in an OBGYN residency program, after training you will get a license to practice. So, residency is the most important milestone of your career and to get admission you need to write a good personal statement.

OBGYN doctors get good salaries in all states of the USA. Florida is considered as the state with high salaries for the OBGYN doctors. The average salary here is $219,010, in Pennsylvania its $197, 250 and in New York its $177, 330. In most of the states, the job growth rate in this sector is more than 10%. Annual job openings are more than 30 in most of the states.


OB-GYN Personal Statement: Its Importance for Application

When it comes to residency, the seats are really limited as compared to the number of applicants. So, the selection committee has to devise a tool to evaluate the students and select the most eligible ones. OBGYN personal statement is that tool, which can help you to get admission in the residency, despite your average grades in medical school. There are many examples of students, who had average academic grades, but they outshine with their OBGYN residency personal statement and secure their seat. A personal statement reflects the aims, goals, ambition about the specialty and writing skills. No other document offers so much expression as the personal statement does. Hence, it is the most important part of your application, give it due attention.


How to Write OB-GYN Residency Personal Statement

Many students have no idea about personal statement writing. It is not an ordinary document, you need to write it carefully. Many students pay no attention to their personal statement and not only lose their chance but also ruin their career. Here are some important points, which can help you to write a personal statement for obstetrics and gynecology residency.

  • Make an outline first. Write down all your achievement and distinction on a piece of paper in chronological order. Enlist all the important points, which reflect positive qualities of your personality.
  • When you start writing, introduce yourself in the first paragraph. But it should be a very brief introduction. It must be a powerful start, you need to stand out from the crowd right from the beginning.
  • Divide your personal statement OB-GYN residency into 3-4 paragraphs. It should be written in essay style, not the letter style. In the body of personal statement, you should mention your passion for being a gynecologist. If you have any practice-based training or any community work related to GYN, mention that. Mention your short-term goals and plans after completing this residency. Make sure you convey the importance of this residency in your life to the admission committee. Show your interest in the institution as well. Don’t mention details about your grades, which is already there in CV. If something in your CV needs explanation, you can make it clear in your personal statement.
  • The end of your personal statement for OB-GYN residency should be equally powerful like the start. Ensure the admission committee that you can bring a lot of good to their institution and this is what you really want to do.
  • Don’t write a very long statement, it should not be more than a single page or one and a half. Once you are finished, make sure you edit and proofread it properly. There should be no grammatical mistake and spelling errors. Remember, it is a test of your writing skills as well.
  • Don’t write commonly used clinches, the admission committee is not interested in those.
  • Write your unique personal statement in your own style. Don’t use any template or don’t copy from any other online source. Admission committee knows all the available templates, already.
  • If you are not sure about the content or formatting details, it’s better to hire a professional writing service. They have expert writers, who can write your personal statement according to the requirements of the institutions. don’t risk your future for a few bucks.

OB-GYN Subspecialties

Before you apply for the residency OB-GYN, you need to make your mind about the subspecialty in which you are interested in. This is not important at this stage, but if you will mention it in your personal statement, it will reflect that you are very clear about your career path and have complete information about it. Primarily, there are four subspecialties.

  • Gynecologic Oncology It about the Neoplasias of Uterus, cervix, vulva, and ovary. Diagnosis and treatment of related cancers. Uterus cancers and fibers in the uterus are common diseases.
  • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility IT deals with infertility issues, reasons, and treatments. Procedures like IVF, gift, ZIFT, etc. are part of this subspecialty.
  • Maternal-fetal medicine When pregnant women suffer from any critical medical condition, this subspecialty deals with that.
  • Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery This field is about pelvic organ prolapse and issues related to urine and related diseases.

Other than these primary subspecialties, pediatrics, genetics, and adolescent gynecology are some less common subspecialties. After completing four years of residency, three years of fellowship is required in any of these subspecialties. But after residency, one can start practice as a doctor.


OB-GYN Residency Programs Requirements

If you want to apply to any residency program, you need to apply through ERAS. The requirements include the following

  • ERAS application form, complete in every respect.
  • Transcripts of the medical school previously attended.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology residency personal statement.
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination of USMLE Step I.
  • Three letters of recommendations (if you can get a dean’s letter, that will be perfect)
  • MSPE or Medical School Performance Evaluation.
  • Application Resume

These are the common admission documents, you may also need a recent photograph, but that is optional. These documents are required when you apply for residency in medical programs, including OB-GYN. For international students, there are some other requirements regarding documents like language certification, etc. International students can check the website of the concerned medical school, they are applying to.


Best Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Programs

You can find many institutions and medical school, who offer OB-GYN residency. Here are some best Obstetrics and gynecology residency programs, which you can consider.

  • Harvard University Harvard University in Boston is considered as number 1 program for OB-gyn. But it’s a bit expensive, the tuition fee here is $ 61, 600 for full-time students. It is one of the oldest medical schools in the country.
  • John Hopkins John Hopkins University, Baltimore is at the 2nd position in terms of ranking. Full-time students pay $53,400 tuition fee.
  • University of California UoC, California is the 3rd best institution for the OB-GYN residency. The tuition fee is different for in-state students and out-state students. For in-state students, its $34,977 and students from other states pay $47,222.
  • University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania, Perelman stands at the 4th position. The tuition fee here is $57,884.
  • Columbia University CU, New York is one of the best places for OB-GYN residency. $61, 146 is the tuition fee for the students here.

These are the top 5 institutions, other than these, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Duke University, University of Pittsburgh, Washington University, Brown University, Yale University and the University of North Carolina also considered among the few best options for residency. You can apply to all of these universities, but make sure that you write a unique personal statement for each institution. Sending the same personal statement to all the universities is not a good idea. You have to mention the strong features of the university, which make it the number one choice on your list of residency options. So, write a customized personal statement and increase your chances of being accepted.

Services We Offer to Help with OB-GYN Residency Application

Writing gynecology personal statement is not easy, as you have to express your abilities in limited words. We offer writing services for our clients. If you are applying for the residency, we can write your personal statement for obstetrics and gynecology. We offer our services to write a variety of documents, which are mentioned here.

  • Personal Statement A personal statement for medical OB-GYN residency is the most important document. We can write a customized personal statement according to the medical school you are applying to. You will get perfect content and perfectly formatted document.
  • Letter of intent If you need a letter of intent for a job or business, our experts can write this important letter, according to your requirements.
  • Letter of Recommendation LoR has a vital role to play in your admission. To impress the admission committee let our experts write your letter of recommendation.
  • Application CV CV is the most commonly used formal document. Let us write your CV and get matched with admission and job requirements.
  • Cover letter Some institutions ask for the cover letter for admission and it is one of the compulsory documents for the job. Our experts can write your cover letter and help you to have a bright career.
  • Thank you letter We can write thank you letter on your behalf. Our writers have a great vocabulary to reflect your gratitude.
  • Medical Student performance evaluation MSPE is not something which anyone can write. Our professional writers know the details and can write your medical student performance evaluation with perfection.
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover LinkedIn profile is very important these days. Employees give importance to it when they consider a candidate for a job. We can do the makeover of your profile, making it perfect.


Our Teams of OB-GYN Residency Experts

If you want to become an obstetrician-gynecologist, we are here to help you. We can write your admission documents and provide all the necessary help. We have teams to perform specific tasks, which makes things easier for our clients.

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